Program Details

  • Ages :4-6yo
  • Instructor: Mr. Myers
  • Beginners: M/W 5:30pm
  • Advanced: T/Th 5pm

ATA Tigers @ Pilsung ATA

Welcome to ATA Tigers, our Pre-K & Kindergarten life-skills martial arts program. It features important life-skills taught in an age-specific curriculum that is fun and engaging. Our curriculum includes story books and other materials that have been designed to help you take these lessons off of our mats and into your homes. ATA Tigers gives your child the tools to succeed at home and in school.

Each week you will see your child grow in confidence as they learn life skills such as focus, teamwork, respect, and discipline. Every child also gains valuable awareness of their body through coordination, control, and fitness. Your confidence will also grow as you see them develop awareness and the ability to act safely when faced with a bully or stranger.

In each class you will be encouraged to join in the fun as you have opportnities to participate in all aspects of your child's training and development. During these Parent Participation Drills you and your child will be learning to look you in the eyes when you speak to them , to wait respectfully when you are on the phone and many other practical life skills.

Your child’s self-esteem will grow as they earn High Fives and Learning Stripes each week. You’ll feel empowered as you use the monthly Newsletter and Life Skill Activity at home with your child. The ATA Tiger Card System we use is specially designed to motivate your child to continue the life skill behaviors well passed the edges of our mats.

The purpose of our ATA Tigers Program is to help your child be their very best. We are grateful to be a valuable part of the village helping you raise your child to reach their potential in life through this life-skills martial arts based program.

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