Kids:Yes! Our Classes teach kids to be coordinated, flexible, balanced, and strong. Most kids don't naturally have these qualities, our job is to help them develop better athletic ability.
Adults: Absolutely! Our instructors are well trained to help each student start “where they are” in terms of physical fitness and improve from there! We see adult students start with us all over the fitness spectrum and look forward to helping them have fun as they improve and learn martial arts for self-defense.
Absolutely. As they learn and their skill level increases, they feel more and more confident. This confidence is not confined to martial arts, it readily spills over into all aspects of their life! Other kids begin to look up to them, heling them to them to understand thier self-worth and build self-esteem. No other athletic activity has the power to build confidence and self-esteem like martial arts!
Yes! Culture tells us that the boys are much “stronger and tougher,” this is simply not true. Often girls are the stronger ones! We have a great mix of girls and boys in our kids martial arts classes!
Kids: Our classes are designed to deliver Life Skills Education and Physical Training in a fun and engaging way. Every class will be a blend of focus & fun! All work and no play turns off the learning... and most kids already struggle to focus in classes!
Adults: Our classes are a good mixture of fun & focus. Every class has moments of serious concentration, blended with sheer fun & laughter. All work and no play makes for boring Self-Defense classes... and most adults already enough boring in their lives!.
No, quite the opposite. Children learn about what it means to be respectful and polite in our programs. Children who come to us exhibiting anger and other behavior issues often calm and begin to display greater courtesy and respect towards others.
Kids: Injury is always possible when engaging in any type of physical activity. The reality is that martial arts training can make a student less prone to injury. Learning better balance, developing beter strength and flexibility and gaining better control allows our students to participate in any sport with fewer injuries. We also employ the best in training methods, equipment and safety gear to help prevent injuries in our students. Safety is our #1 training concern.
Adults: Injuries are very rare in our program. Our instructors are well trained and able to coach you through the program in a way that's both fun & effective - while being extremely safe.
In most cases pre-existing conditions do not stop participation. Please speak to a medical professional before joining our classes. Let us know everything that concerns you and your doctor, we can often help, but only if we know about the concern first! In most cases you'll be more than able to enjoy learning Self-Defense. With your doctor's help we will know if there are any exercises in which you need modification for safety. Just let us know what your doctor says!

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